Google Analytics Unveils Free A/B Testing Tool – Optimize

By 30 January 2017Analytics, SEO

Google Analytics continues to build itself into an all-encompassing digital marketing hub with the release of the free version of Optimize, the A/B testing and personalisation tool.

Getting started is fairly easy and LunaMetics have a good blog post on the subject for those who want to read up on the product or for those who prefer to follow a step-by-step video guide, I would highly recommend the video by Julian at Measureschool.

It is self-evident that Google Analytics is the cornerstone of a majority of digital marketers armoury. The integration of other Google products such as Adwords, Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Data Studio and now Optimize means that the marketer is increasingly being able to access more advanced tools to analyse and, more importantly, develop and test ideas easily and cheaply.

For a digital agency, one of the main challenges is being able to develop and present ideas to clients in a clear, simple and actionable way. The less development time taken to setup and run ideas can only help the process. It also means the marketer has the confidence to test more ideas. Not all ideas will work but if it is easy to setup, run and analyse ideas which can then be reformed, the opportunity for serendipity will only increase as markets can learn new things gained through the experience.

So far our initial AB tests have shown actionable results and the client response has been very positive. We can only look forward to developing it further and seeing what else Google has in store.