Data Studio Beta – Analytics Made Easy

By 6 November 2016Analytics, SEO

Google have at last released the free Data Studio version of their custom reporting product. Although it does not have all the features of the 360 version, it does provide most users with a visually effective dashboard for getting top level data. Using a live feed linking directly to Analytics makes for a much more insightful experience, rather than to having to plough through the dreaded Analytics reports themselves. Being fairly adaptable, the platform enables reports to be changed to suit your businesses’ changing needs and data requirements within a few clicks.

The data sources are also flexible, with the option to pull numbers from Analytics, Ad words, YouTube, Google Sheets and many others. I would also expect to see more options added in time. Similarly, there are also a few features such as custom segments that are not supported yet, but it would be surprising if Google doesn’t introduce features like this in the near future.

As the reports are web-based, we personally, are excited to provide our clients with the flexibility and interactivity of Data Studio and it will be good to say goodbye to the old cut and paste and exporting Analytics reports on pdfs!