The Power of Video Content

The number of marketers using video as a content marketing format surged in 2016 and it comes as no surprise that video is continuing to taking over.


You’ve probably noticed that videos are popping up everywhere, in your emails, on your social feed and as you browse the web.  This due to marketers having realised the power of video content as an attractive, adaptable and easily shareable medium for reaching their target audience. Nowadays, video is no longer restricted to being a traditional advert, but instead is seen as a hugely influential marketing tool available in various formats on many platforms.

Since the beginning of the year, industry experts have stated that video will become a major part of most marketing strategies and we should all get on board with the latest marketing trend. Well, with these incredible statistics from Hubspot it looks like they weren’t wrong:

4x as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it

Inserting the term ‘video’ into an email subject line boosts open rates by 19% and click through rate by 65%

Over 8 billion videos are watched in a day on Facebook alone


But why is video content so effective?

Today we are constantly on the move and always busy doing something, so watching a quick video on your phone or tablet is always going to be convenient. Not to mention the growing need for instant gratification amongst the millennials and generation Z will always mean that a short clip or video demonstration is going to triumph some long winded 700-word article.

Pairing images and information can also make people remember up to 65% of the information provided compared to just 10% when using just text. So as marketer, why would you not want to increase the chance of your advert, brand or offer being remembered?

If you haven’t already thought about using video to promote your business it is certainly something well-worth considering. Whether it’s a short 30-second snippet uploaded onto your social account or a full blown production pushing your latest product or service, get video into your 2017 marketing strategy.


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